Does Ninja Air Fryer Cause Cancer? All You Need to Know

As the sun sets, imagine the delightful aroma of perfectly air-fried chicken wafting through the kitchen. The Ninja Air Fryer sits on the counter, its sleek design reflecting the twilight hues.

Its main promise: to deliver that much-craved crunch without the guilt of deep frying. Yet, lurking beneath this culinary convenience, a question arises. Does the Ninja Air Fryer cause cancer?

In a society increasingly conscious of health and wellness, this is a concern that merits attention. Discussions about potential carcinogenic risks linked to certain cooking methods have made headlines, casting a shadow over the novelty of air fryers.

This article aims to shed light on the subject, separating the facts from the myths. Read on to unveil the truth about the Ninja Air Fryer and its relationship with cancer risks.

Does Ninja Air Fryer Cause Cancer?

No, Ninja Air fryers themselves aren’t a cause of cancer, but air frying does produce certain compounds, such as acrylamide, which is considered a “probable” carcinogen.

The mere mention of the word cancer is enough to make hearts flutter with apprehension. Yet, one cannot ignore the fact that Ninja Air Fryers, like many other cooking appliances, carry a P65 warning. This warning essentially flags the potential presence of substances that could cause cancer, congenital disabilities, or other respiratory disorders.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to remember that the critical word here is ‘potential’. The compounds that carry this risk, such as acrylamide, are produced in minute quantities during the air frying process. This production is a common feature of many cooking methods, not just air frying.

Treating taste buds to the succulent flavor of a perfectly air-fried dish, therefore, does not translate into signing a health hazard agreement. Instead, it’s more accurate to consider Ninja Air Fryers as a much healthier alternative to traditional deep frying, given the significantly lower oil usage.

Does Ninja Air Fryer Cause Cancer? All You Need to Know

Why Does the Ninja Air Fryer Have P65 Warning?

Taking into account the serious implications, let’s delve deeper into the P65 warning on the Ninja air fryer. The P65, or Proposition 65, is a regulation set by California aiming to ensure consumers’ safety.

This law mandates companies to openly state if their product contains any hazardous chemicals that could potentially lead to health issues like cancer or birth defects.

Now, the presence of a P65 warning on the Ninja air fryer does not imply that the appliance itself is harmful. Instead, it’s the potential formation of acrylamide, a carcinogen, when certain foods are cooked at high temperatures.

This chemical, found mainly in plant-based foods like potato chips, French fries, cereals, and cookies, can cause cancer and other health complications when consumed in large quantities over time.

So, the friendly reminder here is not to panic when seeing the P65 warning. It’s just an assurance that the company prioritizes customers’ health and well-being above anything else.

Possible Cancer Risks when Using Ninja Air Fryers + Solutions

Let me make it even simpler by explaining the potential risks of cancer and the ways to address them.

Excessive Intake of Processed Food

Stepping away from the Ninja Air Fryer and its potential health implications, a broader look at dietary habits should not be overlooked. Excessive intake of processed food not only packs on the pounds but also increases the risk of certain types of cancers.

A walk down the supermarket aisle reveals a plethora of processed food options, each more enticing than the next. But, be warned! As much as they tickle the taste buds, these foods pose a risk. Indulging in processed meats and fries can lead to obesity, a condition that invites a dozen different cancers.

However, there’s a silver lining to this cloud. Air frying has emerged as a healthier alternative to deep frying. Imagine biting into a crispy French fry that’s been cooked in an air fryer. The crunch is satisfying, and the taste is divine.

And the best part? This fry carries 75% less fat than its oil-soaked counterpart. So, it’s possible to enjoy a favorite snack, without the guilt or the risk.

Air Frying May Produce Acrylamide

Stepping away from the realm of processed food, the journey continues towards another kitchen habit that might be silently causing harm.

Picture this: hot, fresh, crispy fries straight out of the air fryer. A sight of pure delight, but lurking beneath the golden crust hides an invisible foe, acrylamide.

Air frying, the healthier cousin of deep-frying, might seem like a safe haven for food enthusiasts. Yet when starchy foods like potatoes and bread get cooked at high temperatures, they produce this potential carcinogen. A silent saboteur, acrylamide can cause specific mutations leading to the dreaded cancer.

However, all hope isn’t lost. According to the personal health leader in Philips ASEAN Pacific, Nicholas Lee, a little tweaking of temperatures can make a significant difference.

For a batch of mouth-watering fries or other frozen delights, cook at 180C or slightly below. If fresh potatoes are on the menu, start with 160C for the first half of the cooking duration, then crank it up to 180C for the remaining half.

Repeatedly Heating Cooking Oil

While acrylamide certainly poses a concern, another issue awaits just around the corner, one that may sneak up unnoticed. Imagine this: the sweet, enticing aroma of sizzling oil, the hypnotic dance of the golden liquid as it bubbles and pops.

However, beneath this mesmerizing performance hides a less-than-appealing reality. Repeatedly heating cooking oil, regardless of the quantity, leads to the formation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

These tiny, insidious actors instigate unwelcome changes in the cells, inching them closer to breast, lung, colon, and prostate cancer. The danger isn’t just in the consumption of these reheated oils, but also in the simple act of inhaling the fumes.

Does Ninja Air Fryer Cause Cancer? All You Need to Know

But fear not, there is a silver lining. Air fryers, with their minimal oil usage, make it a breeze to wipe away the oil residues, thus reducing the risks associated with reheating oil.

So, while indulging in that crispy, air-fried delight, remember to keep the cooking oil fresh, and the fryer clean.


Is the Ninja Air Fryer Cancer Warning?

So, you might have noticed that little P65 warning on your Ninja air fryer. Don’t worry, it’s just there to let you know about some potential stuff. You see when certain plant-based foods like French fries, potato chips, cereals, and cookies are cooked at high heat, they can produce a chemical called acrylamide.

These Foods have free amino acids and sugars like glucose and fructose can actually produce a substance called acrylamide when cooked at high temperatures.

You see, air fryers cook food at really high temperatures, which means there’s a possibility of forming acrylamide, especially when you cook plant-based foods in them. But don’t worry, I’ve got a little tip for you to ensure safety!

Is Ninja Air Fryer Pfoa Free?

The Ninja Air Fryer has been confirmed indeed PFOA-free. The inner sanctuary of this appliance, the heart that holds and cooks your food, is coated with ceramic. A material known for its health-friendly properties, it wraps your food in a warm and safe embrace.

Does the Ninja Air Fryer Have Radiation?

Rest assured, the Ninja Air Fryer does not emit any radiation. While microwaves, another common kitchen appliance, use radiation to rapidly heat food, air fryers operate on a completely different mechanism.

How Do I Prevent Acrylamide in My Air Fryer?

Acrylamide, a potentially harmful substance, can form in certain foods when fried, baked, or roasted at high temperatures. To avoid this, the key lies in strategic cooking – a fine art of balance and precision.

To start, consider cooking times and temperatures. Aim for the shortest duration and lowest heat necessary to achieve culinary perfection – a golden-brown hue for fries, and a safe internal temperature for meats. Remember, a longer cooking time might seem tempting to achieve that extra crispiness, but it’s a sly invitation for acrylamide.

Next, take note of the capacity of the air-fryer. Avoid the urge to overfill it, as it might require extra cooking time, paving the way for acrylamide formation. As the saying goes, less is more.


In conclusion, the Ninja Air Fryer does not directly cause cancer, but certain practices such as excessive intake of processed food, creating acrylamide through high-heat cooking, and repeatedly heating cooking oil can increase potential risks. However, with careful and mindful usage, these risks can be mitigated.

The Ninja Air Fryer, with its P65 warning, is PFOA-free and doesn’t emit harmful radiation, ensuring a safer cooking environment. Remember, a balanced diet and healthy cooking methods are key to a healthier lifestyle.