Why Ninja Air Fryer keeps Shutting off While Cooking

In this article, we will explore the common issue of Ninja Air Fryers shutting off unexpectedly during the cooking process. If you have experienced this problem, you are not alone.

We will delve into the possible causes behind this issue and provide helpful tips and solutions to ensure a seamless cooking experience with your Ninja Air Fryer.

Stay tuned as we uncover the reasons behind this occurrence and provide valuable insights to keep your air fryer functioning optimally.

6 Common reasons why a Ninja Air Fryer might shut off while cooking

1. Internal Faulty Wiring

An ERR4 or E4 error code on a Ninja Air Fryer often points to an internal issue. These can vary from an internal circuit failure to a sensor malfunctioning. Among these, a prevalent issue relates to faulty internal wiring. This is typically invisible from the outside, which makes it tricky to diagnose.

Over time, internal wires degrade or become loose, leading to inconsistent operation or sudden shut-offs while cooking.

The mere presence of electricity and heat in the device exacerbates these wiring conditions, often causing unanticipated disruptions during cooking.

2. Excessive Heat Build-up

Overheating is a primary reason your Ninja Air Fryer might unexpectedly shut off during use. Excessive heat can cause significant damage to your unit, melting key components, compromising the heating element, and presenting a potentially dangerous fire risk.

Commonly, this problem originates from blocked air vents or misuse, like overcrowding the basket or cooking at too high temperatures.

Remember, consistent overheating might indicate you’re not using the device correctly, not a manufacturing fault.

3. Overloading of Appliance

Overloading an electrical socket with appliances, like your Ninja Air Fryer, can often lead to problems. These appliances run on substantial wattage, with mediums to large-sized air fryers requiring around 1600 watts each.

When multiple appliances of such high wattage share a single outlet, it can strain and potentially overload the circuit.

An overloaded circuit then disconnects the current flow, causing appliances like your air fryer to abruptly shut off. It’s crucial to remember that outlets aren’t infallible; they’re designed to endure high electrical stress, but exceeding their limit can result in complications.

4. Faulty Plug or Power Cord

If your Ninja Air Fryer shuts off while cooking, a faulty plug or power cord could be the culprit. A damaged plug interferes with the appliance’s performance.

This might include issues like loose wiring connections or a disconnected inner conductor. A frayed or improperly inserted power cord can also result in poor connection, potentially causing your device to turn off.

Moreover, if there’s a general power disruption in your home, electricity may not flow through your sockets, affecting your fryer’s functioning.

Remember, it’s crucial to not attempt fixing these potential issues yourself and instead consult with a professional.

Why Ninja Air Fryer keeps Shutting off While Cooking

5. Faulty Thermostat

As a subject matter expert in appliance troubleshooting, I can affirm that a faulty thermostat is indeed a common cause for a Ninja Air Fryer shutting off during cooking.

The thermostat’s role is to regulate temperature; if it falters in its task, it could result in the appliance overheating and an unexpected shutdown. Similarly, a damaged heating element could also lead to temperature regulation issues.

As interesting as it may sound, even the state-of-the-art sensors in the Ninja Air Fryer, can exhibit erroneous behavior with time, evoking particular error codes like ERR1, E2, and ERR4.

6. Bad or Intermittent Power Supply

A faulty power supply can often cause a Ninja Air Fryer to turn off unexpectedly during cooking. From internal circuit failures or sensor issues to a general power outage in the home, an unstable power supply often triggers this problem. Low voltage is another common culprit. Older or low-quality power outlets with disconnected or loose wiring may also contribute to the issue. Notably, these malfunctions generally affect a broad range of appliances, not just air fryers.

How to Fix a Ninja Air Fryer that keeps shutting off while cooking: Troubleshooting guide

Step 1: Check Your Electrical Systems

Here’s a quick way to get your Ninja Air Fryer back in action:

First, ensure the fryer’s plug is securely in the socket. This simple check might solve your problem as loose connections are a common culprit.

If the fryer still isn’t working, test your home’s power supply by opening your refrigerator and checking whether the light turns on.

If there’s a power issue, your fryer isn’t to be blamed. However, if the power is fine, consider checking the fuse in the socket. A blown fuse is easily replaceable but remember to use one with the same rating.

Step 2: Check the Basket, Draw or Lid on the Air Fryer for overcrowding

Start by ensuring your Ninja Air Fryer’s basket or drawer is properly checked for overcrowding. Most people try to save time by filling up the basket to the brim, which can be problematic.

This not only affects the air circulation but also impacts the evenness of the cooking. Overcrowding might trigger the fryer’s safety features, causing it to shut off unexpectedly.

Moreover, remember that the basket usually has a line indicating the maximum amount of food it can accommodate. Ignoring this can result in overcooking or a potential fire hazard.

Step 3: Check Inadequate Power Supply

If your Ninja Air Fryer keeps shutting off, a good place to start your troubleshooting is by checking the power supply.

First, ensure the power cord is securely plugged in and that the outlet is working properly. You can test the outlet by plugging in another device like a phone charger.

A poor cable connection can sometimes trigger issues, so examine the air fryer’s power cable for fraying or damage. Furthermore, make sure the cable is fully inserted into the plug-in as a slack can go unnoticed.

If all looks good with the power cable and the outlet, check if there are any power supply issues in your home. A quick way to do this is by opening your fridge to see if the light turns on.

If you find power supply problems, they could be due to larger power outages or issues with your home’s main electricity line. After ruling out these potential causes, your air fryer should function properly.

Step 4: Check if your Ninja Air Fryer is Overheating

First, check if your Ninja Air Fryer displays an E3 error code, which often indicates the main unit is overheating. Next, examine your fryer’s placement – it should ideally be in an open counter space with adequate ventilation, not in enclosed cabinets or pantries.

Air Fryer displays an E3 error code

Verify that the food basket isn’t filled to the brim, which prevents adequate airflow and causes overheating. Finally, remember good frying practice; always use less oil than a regular stove-top frying pan would require.

Try these measures before concluding that your fryer’s unexpected shutdowns are due to overheating.

Step 5: Incorrect Temperature Setting

Sometimes your Ninja Air Fryer may shut off unexpectedly. This could likely be due to an incorrect temperature setting, particularly if it’s set too low, making it seem like the air fryer isn’t working right.

It could also be due to a defective temperature sensor that monitors the heat – when this malfunctions, your fryer might act up. Fixing this issue involves resetting the temperature sensor.

Unplug your air fryer, allow it to cool down, locate the temperature sensor, and hold the ‘temperature’ button for five seconds until the display shows ‘Off’.

Release the button, wait for five seconds, then press the ‘temperature’ button to set your desired cooking temperature. Plug your air fryer back in and turn it on. As you do this, remember safety first – always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

When to seek professional help for a Ninja Air Fryer that keeps shutting off while cooking

As a Ninja Air Fryer expert, I recommend seeking professional help if you encounter persistent random shutdown issues even after testing and rectifying potential reasons such as a loose plug, voltage drop, or cracked cord.

If relocating your appliance to open spaces or changing the power cord doesn’t solve the problem, it may suggest an internal hardware failure.

In this scenario, do not attempt to disassemble the device. Rather, it’s time to involve an authorized service center. Occasionally, the issue can stem from a faulty outlet which might need a professional electrician’s attention. So remember, when fixes stop working, call in the pros.


Why Does My Ninja Air Fryer Keep Shutting Off?

Your Ninja Air Fryer could be shutting off for several reasons. Potential culprits may include:

  • A loosely connected plug or a drop in voltage
  • A cracked or damaged power cord
  • Faulty electrical outlets, or problems with the air fryer’s internal hardware.

It’s also possible that the fryer is shutting down due to overheating, especially if stored in a closed space with poor ventilation. Faulty components, abnormal conditions, or even an aging device could be impacting the internal circuitry.

Poor assembly or rough usage may result in a loose basket, leading to the fryer turning off. There’s a range of possibilities so it’s essential to check each one carefully.

Why did my air fryer shut off while cooking?

An air fryer turning off mid-use can be perplexing and frustrating. Commonly, this issue stems from an overheating problem due to blocked air vents or overly high thermostat settings. A cooking program may not have been selected, the auto-shut-off system may have been activated, or the fryer basket and door may not have been properly fixed.

Issues with the power supply, such as the fryer being plugged into an overloaded circuit or a faulty cord, can also be to blame. Moreover, a malfunctioning thermostat can disrupt the desired cooking temperature, unintentionally causing the unit to shut off.

Can air fryer overheat and shut off?

Yes, an air fryer can indeed overheat and shut off. This is likely due to advanced safety mechanisms found in these appliances designed to avert potential fire risks. Overheating typically happens owing to reasons like blocked air vents, setting the temperature too high, or food overloading which obstructs airflow.

Additionally, placing an air fryer too close to other heat sources can also contribute to overheating. Lastly, power issues or a faulty thermostat could be triggers for your air fryer to shut down unexpectedly.

Can you stop the air fryer while its cooking?

Yes, you can stop an air fryer while it’s cooking. In most models, you just need to pull out the basket or press the ‘Start/Pause’ button. All air fryers I’ve owned, from simple to high-end ones, have this feature. Some advanced models even automatically stop if they overheat.

For instance, I once paused my cooking process just to stir the food and check its doneness. So, it’s pretty easy and safe to stop your air fryer mid-way if necessary.